Interview FAQ

For Electrical Engineers

  • What is control panel? Types of control panel.
  • How to control a motor for various speed condition? Explain with diagram.
  • What is busbar. Where are they use?
  • Why transformer rating is in KVA?
  • How to calculate Current if motor is connected in star?
  • What is GA?
  • Draw the control circuit for 50 hp motor connected in lift?
  • Why do motor run in delta not in star?
  • Draw motor to PLC connection diagram?
  • How to show the RPM of motor on HMI in order to achieve accuracy?

For EXTC/EC Engineers

  • What are IGBT? Where are they used?
  • Why only zener diode act as a voltage regulator?
  • What is PWM?
  • What is a rectifier? Types of rectifiers?
  • What is OP-Amp?
  • Draw the Flip Flop gate?
  • How does a transistor act as a switch?
  • What is sinking & sourcing connection?
  • What is a proximity sensor?
  • How to connect proximity sensor to plc?

For Instrumentation & Control Engineers

  • What are Active transducers and Passive transducers?
  • What are open loop systems and Closed loop systems? Give the examples for the same for day-to-day and industrial applications.
  • Explain Ionization gauge. Explain Hot cathode and Cold cathode concepts for the same.
  • Explain Dead Weight pressure gauge.
  • Explain McLeod gauge.
  • List different transducers that are used for pressure measurement.
  • Explain Differential manometer.
  • Define Absolute pressure, gauge pressure, Differential pressure.
  • List and explain in brief different types of electronic pressure sensors.
  • Define and explain in short Temperature coefficient and also define NTC, PTC

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